Who We Are

Alaska to Africa Travel, LLC, is a boutique corporate adventure firm, where we design exceptional travel itineraries for small groups with carefully selected elements of outdoor adventure, challenge, and the luxury our clients have come to expect. We wholeheartedly believe that in order for teams working in highly competitive environments to flourish and to retain their edge, they must tap back into nature, disconnect from the concrete jungle and fully recharge. When our clients step away from the fast paced corporate life and experience our exclusive journeys, they come back refreshed, stimulated, and ever more productive. They’ve done something awesome together. And they know it.

Kelly Mwila

Kelly Mwila, Founder and CEO of Alaska to Africa Travel, LLC, was born and raised in ruggedly beautiful interior Alaska, a world away from New York City that she now calls ‘home.’  After graduating from the Honors Program at University of Puget Sound near Seattle in 2001, where her love for travel grew as she studied abroad in Australia, she moved to New York City and settled into working at various investment banks on Wall Street including JP Morgan, Houlihan Lokey, and Deutsche Bank.  Along the way she traveled to Africa, a life changing trip that only confirmed her love for travel and conviction that experiencing adventures in amazing locations enriches our lives in ways we can’t imagine.