March 16th, 2016 post by Kelly Mwila

A Team: Experiences help to think BIGGER!



Management is always looking for ways to keep their high level teams productive and cohesive.  They want a sure fire method for energizing their most talented players so they don’t fall prey to burnout, discontent, and ultimately leaving for what appears to be a better employer. There is nothing worse than investing in team building activities that fail to improve the teams dynamic and creates awkward moments seared into everyone’s memories. Here are 5 of the greatest benefits of adventure travel for corporate teams:

  1. Adventure travel builds skills naturally. Team members learn to communicate and work toward a common goal without manufactured awkward moments. For example, they can work together navigating white water rapids while on a rafting excursion while experiencing an adrenaline rush that forces them to think on their feet and as a group. Not only do they bond and learn to trust each other but they had fun doing it.


  1. Adventure travel provides a true escape from the work environment allowing members to connect in a real and lasting way. Without the constant distractions of cell phones and computers everyone takes notice of the immensity of the experience, the small things that mean a lot, and they come to appreciate each other. This translates to solid connectivity in the office.


  1. Adventure travel creates positive memories. There is no denying that extraordinary memories associated with our teams fosters a healthy emotional state and a massive amount of loyalty to a company and its people. While other companies struggle to retain their talent, those that use adventure travel to push their teams to new levels of productivity see solid long term progress in their business.  This is largely because with the proper and carefully designed experience, there is an overwhelming reality that no one understands the internal transformation each person experienced except those traveling along with them.
New Experiences are KEY!

New Experiences are KEY!

  1. Adventure travel pushes teams outside their comfort zone. Being pushed outside their comfort zone in a natural environment and accomplishing things some only dream of allows employees to feel confident taking calculated risks in their businesses in order to move forward more productively.  They get more and more comfortable taking appropriate risks because they’ve seen the advantage and sense of accomplishment it brings.



  1. Adventure travel helps teams to think BIG and to realize that there are endless possibilities they are capable of pursuing. Travel to places like Alaska and Africa are truly mind blowing…the landscape is immense and beautiful, the wildlife is breathtaking, and the adventure activities challenging. Time and again it feels like there is nothing bigger in the world than what they are doing at that moment. These exciting unique experiences open up the team to thinking bigger in their business knowing they can accomplish anything.
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