Are You Wasting Your Time?

June 15th, 2016 post by Kelly Mwila

Strong Arm

A few weeks ago I was reading some hot tips for entrepreneurs and the one that struck me the most that people often have the hardest time with is delegating. That is dedicating your energy to your strengths and what you’re good and then delegating what you’re not good at. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Am I going to design my own website for Alaska to Africa? Absolutely NOT! Just figuring out how to use social media on a regular basis takes up enough of my time. I’m not a website designer. I’m a tour operator, a travel designer, and team builder. If I were to spend all of my time trying to learn web design my business would be going nowhere fast. I can’t do it all and thankfully I don’t have. Neither do you.

Why is this concept of working with our strengths and not doing it all so important for my corporate clients to be aware of?
Because team productivity is deeply affected when members are struggling to produce results on work that is not taking advantage of their strengths. In other words, they aren’t living up to their potential, their resources and natural abilities are wasted, and efficiency is down the drain. Additionally, employees become frustrated, disengaged from their jobs, and looking for a way out…not exactly a fabulous forward-moving culture, right?

It’s amazing to see businesses who thrive because each individual gets to work on projects and tasks that they’re strongly skilled at and are truly passionate about. They work like a well-oiled happy machine! This would obviously be the goal of any corporate team, but the truth is that just because someone CAN do a job, doesn’t mean they SHOULD do that job. If that were true I would BE that web designer because I have no doubt I COULD do it, but would that really serve my firm? Not at all. So I implore you: Stop it!

It’s so important for leadership in companies to take a step back and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their team members. Yes, it’s an investment of time and, most likely, money but the benefits to the corporate culture and the bottom line of the company depends on taking decisive action. What kind of action? Executive coaching is one very effective way to transform a team who has members not aligned with their strengths. It’s enlightening to have a professional outsider take time to learn the values and vision of a company, observe the work structure, and work individually with members and leadership to get everyone aligned with their strengths.

On our team building trips where alignment is one of the goals, we set up a coach for the company before ANY travel design has been initiated. An assessment is made of the all team members, often work is done in preparation to determine underlying challenges the team, the leadership and the company as a whole faces, and finally a team building or team TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY is carefully prepared. The activities that participants experience during the life-changing adventures reveals so much about their strengths and weaknesses. Some come out as effective leaders when they otherwise may have been judged followers. Some reveal how brilliantly analytical they can be while others have insight into the bigger picture etc. These revelations are made possible through programs designed and observed by a professional who processes the events and discerns the greatest takeaways. Teams are enlightened, adjusted, transformed and corporate culture makes drastic improvements.

So whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or the CEO of an established company, know that it’s ok not to do it all. Work with someone to hone in on your strengths and the strengths of those around you. Learn to stop exhausting yourself and your staff with the heavy weight of needless effort and start to work together seamlessly. Watch and see your company develop into the vision you’ve had from the start!

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